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Metal Gear Solid V PS4 w/ScotchHound

Please don't judge him for what he does. ScotchHound appears to have tried his luck at some Solid Snake stealth tactics. Be sure to hit the follow button and check out our podcast for more from ScotchHound. Also hit him up @ScotchHound_LC to let him know your thoughts.

Massive Chalice w/ CataclysmicDoom

Follow along with CataclysmicDoom on his first play through of Massive Chalice!

Wannabe pinball wizard w/ ScotchHound

Wanna be pinball wizard w/ ScotchHound

Copy Of -Wannabe pinball wizard w/ ScotchHound

Wanna be pinball wizard w/ ScotchHound

Nabbing Cheevos for Minecraft on Xbox One Edition w/Doom

Follow along with Doom trying to nab as many Cheevos in Minecraft Xbox One Edition

FIFA15 on XboxOne #newb

More FIFA with ScotchHound. Still just as bad!! Check us out and follow us up for more future vids! Be sure to check out the podcast for Beer, TV, Movie and Game chat, and a whole bunch of nonsense.

FIFA15 on XboxOne #newb w/ScotchHound

Scotchhound playing some FIFA15. Not to well you'll notice. Sorry for Twitch twitchen on the muted audio! Check out more TheLoadedCouch on Twitter, Twitch and be sure to check out the podcast. Hit that follow button!

Peggle 2 on Xbox One w/ ScotchHound

ScotchHound battles Peggle2 some more. Please tell us he isn't trying! Hit that follow button and check us out on twitch, twitter and of course our podcast.

Ebony and Ivory. Alright stop singing.

Unfinished Swan from the beginning with ScotchHound (@ScotchHound_LC)

Tryin to beat 92 mil! PinballFX w/ ScotchHound

ScotchHound playing some PinballFX trying to beat score of 92 million and failing spectacularly!

Peggle 2 on Xbox One with ScotchHound

ScotchHound showing off some more newb skills (fails) with Peggle2. Hit that Subscribe button and be sure to check out our Podcast!

Trying to 100% Peggle 2 Xbox One W/ ScotchHound

ScotchHound try's his luck at 100%'ing Peggle2. Lets all wish him luck.. Be sure to hit that follow button.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare w/ Doom & Celtic

CelticFox and CataclysmicDoom team up and shoot like crazy in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox One

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